Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Group shot.....

Okay, it was a little chilly when this photo was taken, but these people really were having fun! It was the singing that gave it away!

This was a bus full of Danish speaking tourists out at the Ranch. They loved the wine! But if I remember correctly the Danish word for 'Red' sounded a lot like 'white'. I think I gave describing the vintages after the first few minutes.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Look at the grapes! It's hard to believe these are going to be wonderful wine by this time next year. The Vineyard is loaded with them!
My excitement in the vineyard is propably a bit much at times, but it's hard not to be when there's so much life peaking out everywhere. The older plants look the best, of course, but the new ones are doing their best to grab the spotlight.
Rain this morning has left everything so fresh and green. So picturesque in the sunshine!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

More pictures....

There's a golf course right across the Highway.

Psssstt! Wanna Buy a Winery

I love being a part of the British Columbia wine industry but owning and manning two wineries is more than I can handle. (Even if hubby is handling one of them)

When we started Hunting Hawk Vineyards it was to be a nice little Home-based business. Unfortunately, home is a little way off the beaten track. So we opened a second location adjacent to highway 97. It was supposed to be a sales outlet for the home production center but due to legislation regarding wineries we had to get a entirely new second license. That means two vineyards to weed, mow, prune and trim! And two cash registers to balance. And two tasting rooms to staff. And two different inventories to maintain. And way more cleaning than can possibly be good for anyone.

One has to go. So we're selling the one we don't live at. The MLS Listing is here. Our friend Blair is the real estate agent in charge of the listing. You can get ahold of him here.

For $249.000 you get a turn key winery in Okanagan Wine Country. You get a license to make and sell wine which is really hard to get. It normally requires the purchase of suitable land in the range of $500,000 in north wine country and as much as $5,000,000 in the south. For less than the cost of a small house you get 2 acres of growing grapes on leased land that has the potential to make you an unlimited amount of money.

Included in the $249,000 you get wine that is already made so you can sell it yourself this year.

You get all the equipment you need to make your own wine this fall.

You get all help you need for two years to learn the business and how to make wonderful wine.

You get an established name and all the customers that come back year after year.

You get a place to sell your wine from that is a proved tourist destination and you get the option to renew the lease there if you so desire.

The Board of directors at the Historic O'Keefe Ranch has confirmed, in writing, its intention to negotiate a lease with the new owner.

Financial data is being assembled. Hunting Hawk Vineyards at the O'Keefe Ranch has records available for over-the-counter sales but the majority of the winery's income comes from sales to special events, stores and restaurants. Most B.C. Wineries have no trouble selling out every year. We certainly haven't!